Vol. 7: Booking 101 – The Art Of Storytelling In Pro Wrestling

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, a man who was successful both in the ring and behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how magicians learn their craft? Have you ever wondered how storytellers get their style? Or, more appropriately, have you ever wondered how wrestlers have gotten over with the crowd? Or why some get put in certain places on the card? Well, those latter two fall under the philosophy of Booking. Join Seth and Crazy Train as they pull back the curtain a little to explain some of the philosophies behind booking a wrestling show. Plus they mention seven famous bookers and why they were great bookers.

George Scott – Most famous for booking Jim Crockett Promotions and a lot of the early Rock n Wrestling Hulkamania Era for WWE.

Eddie Graham – Widely considered one of the greatest minds for the business, and had a very successful run in Florida.

Kevin Sullivan – Very well respected wrestler and booker who had success in multiple territories. Also worked under Eddie Graham.

Bill Watts – Known for booking the Mid-South territory, and for a brief stint running WCW. Also had tutelage under Eddie Graham.

Paul Heyman – Infamous for being the main booker and promoter of ECW.

Gary Hart – Helped book World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas for Fritz Von Erich. And yes, learned from Eddie Graham.

Dusty Rhodes – “The American Dream” had as much success, if not more, behind the scenes as he did in the ring. He booked arguably the greatest period of Jim Crockett Promotions. And, you guessed it, learned under Eddie Graham.

Seth and Train give several examples for each of these men on what made them great bookers. Chances are something you enjoyed on a pro wrestling show was the brainchild of one of them

If you’re fascinated with the thought of booking and storytelling through the art of professional wrestling, this is the show for you!

As mentioned during the show, here is an example of George Scott utilizing a hot up and coming star in Sting, and a grizzled veteran in The Iron Sheik


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